Illustrated comic book story

Like Apples on Trees – The Predator Free 2050 Goal was a comic published by The Spinoff and the Department of Conservation in September 2023. It tells the inspiring story of the nationwide Predator Free 2050 movement. Through the eyes of beloved kākāpō, the comic shows how precious and unique Aotearoa New Zealand’s native plants and animals are, and how introduced predators like rats, stoats, and possums threaten their survival. United by the Predator Free 2050 goal, communities across Aotearoa are coming together to act for nature and have already made big strides. Together, we can achieve a future where native plants and animals flourish and are safe from the threat of introduced predators.

Credit: This comic was written by Toby Morris and illustrated by Ezra Whittaker. The Department of Conservation helped craft the story.