Our strategy

In 2016 the Government asked the Department of Conservation to facilitate the overall Predator Free 2050 programme and to develop a strategic direction and an action plan.

Knowledge from iwi, whānau, hapū, conservation experts and people involved in the Predator Free movement formed the basis of the strategy.

The Predator Free 2050 Strategy and the programme’s first action plan (2020-2025) were launched in March 2020.

The strategy aims to mobilise, innovate and accelerate the delivery of a predator free New Zealand by 2050.

  • Mobilise: Taking the steps needed to build predator free communities and establish regional and national collaborations.
  • Innovate: Developing the new and transformational tools and techniques (and the public acceptance of them) that will be required to eradicate predators.
  • Accelerate: Applying Predator Free 2050 tools and techniques across the landscape as fast as possible, as they are developed.

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